Friday, December 11, 2015

I'll just buy one pair of Springsteen tickets today--who am I kidding? I need them all!

It's the most wonderful time of the year!

That's right! Springsteen tickets go onsale today! My one true holiday season!

Except this year, as excited as I am, I'm also approaching the upcoming festivities like a Jew at Christmas--I'm not sure it'll live up to all the hype, am not actually feeling ALL of the music, and I'm wondering how much this is going to cost me.


Well, a few things have changed since 2012 when I went to four shows in the same week and got pulled up onstage to dance. 

Like getting married, buying a house, and getting a second schnauzer. Yes, the first of those events brought about a sudden boon of cash flow, but the second event completely depleted it. Remember the 80s Tom Hanks/Shelly Duval movie The Money Pit? Add two schnauzers and take away the house almost destroying the marriage and that's my life in two hours.

What does that have to do with Bruce (other than the obvious Tom Hanks connection)?

Nothing, had ticket prices stayed the same. But $150 for a GA (and yes, yes, being in the building is what matters, blah blah blah. But I've not only had my ELBOWS on stage, I've BEEN on stage, complete with a Bruce hug. You can't go back to the cheap seats once Bruce has hugged you onstage. You just can't.) suddenly translates to $340 (after fees) for the hubby and me to go to ONE show.

A few years ago, $340 was just shy of three shows for me. If I wanted to do three shows with the hubby, we're talking over a thousand dollars. Even knowing it's two of us paying that credit card bill down, that just isn't feasible on two teacher salaries with a mortgage, a puppy that needs spaying, and plans to someday have kids and want to be able to feed them on the horizon.

"Sara, ditch the hubby for the shows! He's not a huge fan, he can stay home with Rosie and Sandy* while you go to as many shows as you want!"
*Yes, our two schnauzers are named Sandy and Rosie.  Same breed = names from the same album!
Yes, that logic is appealing, especially because it means I could send him to HIS shows without having to see The Band That Must Not Be Named again. But what a sterile existence that feels like! How will we spend the rest of our lives together if he doesn't experience an E Street Band show with me? No, dear hubby is coming with me.

And the sign of true love? HE keeps saying not to worry about the money and we'll go to as many shows as I want. He's like the Big Man of husbands. You wish you could be like him, but I'm sorry, you can't!

All of which meant that Bruce Inc's recent announcement that he would be playing full River shows seemed like a gift from the gods. Hallelujah! My credit card debt is--well--not saved, but prevented from reaching five digits.

I mean, have to hear "Ramrod" at more than one show? No thank you! (I know, I know, I'm weird, but that one does NOTHING for me and never has. Not even the howl-at-the-moon version in Philly '03. Yawn.)

But, Sara! "The Price You Pay!" "Crush on You!" Those never-played holy grails!

In the pit for both--in Philly '09 I technically heard "The Price you Pay" twice that night as I was already in the building for soundcheck and I got "Crush on You" in Richmond 2008.

You can actually see the back of my head in this video, behind the insanely tall blonde chick in the front row.

And actually, at 39 shows in, the only songs I would be remotely devastated to miss would be full band "Sandy" (which I walked down the aisle to an instrumental version of at my wedding), full band "Tougher" (our first dance song at our wedding--both of which I have only heard at the same D&D show), or "Backstreets" with the '78 interlude. None of which are likely to be played on this tour.

Fully confident in the fact that I was making the right choice, I announced to the hubby that I was perfectly content JUST going to DC and I don't want him to talk me out of it.

Done deal.

No regrets.

Totally happy.

But like an alcoholic in a bar, I think I have my addiction under control and all it takes is a whiff to send me into an out-of-control Bruce spiral. I mean, some of those outtakes are kinda awesome. There's no harm in trying to figure out how to go to ONE more show, is there?

I posted the link to the WTOP contest on Facebook, begging people who aren't into Bruce (you know, heathens!) to enter for me and give me the tickets if they won, because if DC was free, I could swing another show. Maybe even two since the hubby has tickets to one of his concerts the night of the Philly show so I would only have to buy one ticket (or might be able to talk my Bruce-loving uncle into taking me as his date).

I considered not mentioning the money we got as a Hanukkah present so it could go toward tickets.

I figured maybe we SHOULDN'T get Sandy spayed. Maybe we'll want more puppies someday and if she MAKES the puppies, they're free, which means more Bruce tickets for me!

I'm pretty healthy. I don't REALLY need health insurance, do I?

And so on.

Then my credit card bill arrived with all of my holiday purchases on it and slapped me repeatedly in the face.

So maybe it's a blessing in (a brilliant) disguise that all the shows I could go to go on sale at the same time.

Or maybe I'll recruit every other teacher with a planning period at 10am to help me buy ALL of the tickets.

If you see me panhandling at any shows on this mini-tour, you'll know what happened.

Best of luck today, fellow tramps! I'll see you further on up the road!

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  1. LoL Super Funny. Might need to see a doctor/ therapist about that addiction tho